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K.C. Ho

Svea Lin Rodgers

Ching Ching Tsai

Marlon Ingram Sagana

Mary Rose Nakazato

Leon Sun


is an emerging San Francisco Bay Area visual artist, who first started his journey by traveling west to the island of Guam from his homeland, Hong Kong, in search of a different light.

In 1991, "Lavelle" received the U.S. Congressional recognition in art. The awarded piece, depicting the leisure life on the tropical hide away, was displayed in the halls under
the Capitol dome for one year.

His visual dynamics with color and space allows the viewer to move into a
surreal moment in time finding serenity and balance.


Title: Closet Monster Medium: Acrylic on Canvass Size: 24" x 36" (wrapped)

An Autumn Salon Vernissage will be held September 25 -26 in the home of a local Art Patron.

10% of the preceeds from the show will go to support the local chapter of the Human Rights Campaign

Our Wine Sponsor is BV

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