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Leon Sun

Leon Sun is a San Francisco based photographer, painter and printmaker. He has also written poetry and has been working on his memoirs based on his experiences growing up in three different places - Shanghai, Hong Kong and the United States. He currently makes his living as a graphic designer.

Sun has been doing photography since enrolling in San Francisco's Academy of Art College in the early 70s. Most of his work has been in journalism and editorial photography. In between, as a counterpoint, he has filled the negative spaces with landscape and portraiture. Over the years, however, that balance has been reversed. Landscape and portraiture now occupies most of his time.

"In looking back, I find my portrait work has been the most meaningful - even if they were part of a journalistic assignment - because of the one-on-one rapport I was able to establish between me and my subjects. It's no surprise that my best portraits have been ones of friends. It's the human connection that makes a good photograph... which is why I've always eschewed the studio. I prefer a more real environment - one that really shows up the beauty of natural light and the human essence of my subject."

Mr. Chang

In 2003 Sun had an installation at USbank in Alameda, Bay Farm Island branch