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Marlon Ingram Sagana

As a child born from two cultures, Marlon Sagana Ingram began his artistry before his birth.  His mother, a Filipina and a father, an Africana, fell in love and brought into the world their greatest masterpiece.  Thus started Marlon's introduction to the world of the "mixed".

Raised within a tightly knit family, Marlon grew up with a Filipino heart and an African mind.  Both cultures held a deep respect for traditional values.  His first encounters with art began at age nine when his uncles, teenagers at the time, introduced him to graffiti art and figurative drawing.  Marlon absorb both mediums as one.  The amalgamation of the two would seem unthinkable because each held different aesthetics and criticisms.  But as a flourishing person of a mixed lifestyle, the art would adapt to him.

Today, Sagana (a name given to him by his late Ilokano great grandmother, meaning "prepared") is  a graphic and web designer for Alphabetical Structure in Berkeley.  He is also a freelance artist for various  record companies, small businesses, ad agencies and community organizations around the Bay Area.  He is currently collaborating with other artists on paintings that layer original cultures with the brush of institutionalized struggle on the canvas of a mixed America.